PC Health Check Service

:: PC Health Check Service
Full virus scan
System Updates and Optimisation
Break / Fix Analysis
Determine User Requirements
Upgrades and Recommendations
No labour charge for 'at-the-time' upgrade installations
12 months support
Pick-Up & Delivery Service within a 10 mile radius

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Like many things, the life of your PC can be extended by care and attention. Even the most powerful computers can be reduced to a crawling pace by viruses, bad installations and poor file management.

The 3L1T3 PC Health Check Service will get your computer back on the tracks and highlight any areas which may need upgrading.

If you have owned a PC for a while and know little about upkeep, then theres a good chance it may need a service. Contact us today and book your computer in for well deserved a check up.

Don't forget, we offer a pick up and delivery service within a 10 mile radius otherwise a courier service can be arranged.